Elevating user experiences through expert research.

I deliver actionable insights to drive user-centred design.

Hi, I'm Dario.

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With a passion for understanding user needs and behaviours, I offer comprehensive UX research services to bring clarity and direction to your product design. Specialising in discovery, sentiment analysis, usability testing, journey mapping, and information architecture, I help businesses like yours create products that users love.

Why choose me?

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Over 20 years of real-world experience practising UX design, strategic marketing, and agile software development.

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Quantitative and qualitative testing experience, including a Master's degree in Human-Computer Interaction.

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Experience in agency, corporate and start-up culture, having worked with large and small companies across multiple verticals.

Here's how I can help...

Directors of Marketing

Refine target audiences and personalise marketing efforts by understanding user behaviour and preferences.

Startup Founders/CEOs

Validate your product-market fit quickly with lean UX research methodologies to help make data-driven decisions.

UX/UI Design Leads

Complement your design process with actionable user insights.

Product Managers

Strengthen your product development decisions with insights that improve user satisfaction.

Chief Experience Officers (CXOs)

Get a holistic view of user experience insights that can inform cross-departmental strategies.

Digital Strategy Directors

Lead with confidence to understand how users interact with digital platforms to improve online experiences.

Heads of User Research

Augment your capabilities with extra bandwidth and fresh perspectives.

HR Directors or Heads of Employee Experience

Understand how internal tools and systems affect employee experience and performance.

Innovation Directors

Inform ideation sessions and validate innovative concepts with a deep understanding of your users.

Agency Heads

Compliment your client projects and subcontract UX research to enhance your offerings.

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